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18 March 2018

Travelling with very small children can be daunting with all the stuff you have to take but it doesn’t have to be (quite as bad). The award-winning platform Tree Hut Village is on a mission to make it easier for parents across Australia and New Zealand.

As Australia's first parent to parent baby equipment hire platform, Tree Hut Village connects (travelling) parents seeking to hire baby gear with local parents who have listed their unused baby gear for hire.

Tree Hut Village allows lenders to list their baby equipment for free and make a bit of extra money. Stuff that was hiding away in storage, waiting for the next baby to arrive, can now pay for itself within a few hires and that money can be put towards the next purchase or family trip.

Prior to Tree Hut Village, parents would lug their bulky baby equipment around on their travels or alternatively go through a lengthy hire process with brick and mortar hire businesses of 10 or more steps to get your booking confirmed. With this platform, all it takes is a simple 3 step, all online, process.

It started when Eva was looking for baby equipment for their visiting niece and thought that hiring should be easier and more affordable. The idea really became more interesting to the founders when Eva and Tom went on holiday to the Whitsundays with their, then four-month-old baby boy, Max. They wanted to avoid the hassle of travelling with lots of baby gear such as prams and travel cots. After searching online, they ended up hiring from a local family and thought that it would be amazing if this were a lot easier going forward.

Tom says: “We connected online and loved that our $30 would go to a local family. It was this that sparked our desire to create something that provides families with the opportunity to travel more easily and also allow families to earn a bit on the side with no capital outlay. Tree Hut Village now has 850 listings across New Zealand and Australia 2000 users and around 2-3 bookings per day.

Using Tree Hut Village, parents can list their rarely used baby equipment for others to rent. And try before you buy means you don’t find out during your first night away that your bub hates your travel cot. Test out that pram or stroller you’ve always wanted while on holiday (e.g. Babyzen YoYo , Bugaboos) or rent the same pram you have at home - you’ll find all major brands.

Make a bit more space in your garage and make a bit of extra on the side to fund your next holiday.

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