TECH: 5 great apps for starting school

20 January 2020

Whether you have a little one starting school this year or next, these apps will come in handy. From teaching pre-schoolers their alphabet, to allowing budding authors to make their own 3D cartoons, your kids will love them. We’ve even included a couple of apps to make your life easier, too.

Mini Prep

170126 schoolapps

Ages 3 to 5
Cost: $1.49

Recommended for ages three to five, this great little app facilitates learning through play. It has three simple activities based on numbers, letters and colours and the easy controls will keep kids coming back for more. It also offers a school readiness program, where pre-schoolers can learn their alphabet in 28 days.

Happy Little Farmer

170126 schoolapps2 

Ages 4+
Cost: $4.49

Green-fingered kiddies can learn where fruit and veges come from and how they grow with this cute little app. They will learn all about the wonders of nature as they explore the 15 educational games, all with lovely graphics and interactive animations – drive a tractor, play with the animals and harvest the veges before they go bad.

Toontastic 3D

170126 schoolapps3

Ages 3+
Cost: Free

A must-have app for all those budding storytellers out there! Toontastic 3D lets kids turn their ideas into 3D cartoons. Kids can draw, animate and narrate their adventures so they can share their stories with their friends. They will love seeing their ideas come to life – they can even add a soundtrack to their stories and turn them into movies.


170126 schoolapps5

Ages 5 and under
Cost: Free

Take a few minutes to help your child develop their character and then take a back seat as they lose themselves in the wonder of imaginative play. They help their character play, draw, dance and more, while learning to follow instructions independently. The fun interactive stories and activities will keep the kids entertained for ages. See for details.


170126 schoolapps7

For parents
Cost: Free

Any parent to school-aged children will testify to the fact that kids bring home a lot of art work and other creations during their time at school (A LOT!). Even those with the best intentions must find it hard to store all of these precious handmade items. Well, Artkive is here to help. Simply take a photo of your child’s artwork and save it to your Artkive account. You can share it with friends and family and even create books and other mementos from their work.


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