What is play-based learning?

19 November 2019

If you have a child in early education, you have undoubtably come across the phrase ’play-based learning’. Many parents hear this and initially become concerned that it means there is no structure to the learning environment. However, skilled educators thrive in a play-based environment, where they can provide a curriculum that allows children to follow their interests.

At Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure Buderim their educators have an in depth understanding of child development and can introduce concepts which include pre-math, pre-reading, pre-writing and the list goes on. By following each individual child’s interests and strengths, they offer experiences and environments where children thrive. Sanctuary’s belief is that children learn more when they are truly interested in the topic.

Their latest blog gives some insight into Play Based Learning and the benefits for your child - give it a read from the link below!



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