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27 May 2017

Toys don’t have to be garishly covered and made of plastic. Choose something a little different for your child that will last for years – think wood and other natural materials that engage them in role play and creative thinking and learning. Check out this selection of some of the best eco toys around!


Asterisk Blocks

Six beautifully crafted wooden blocks, in three pairs. Little ones will have to try and find the two blocks that fit together to make a pair. Available in pink or blue. From 12 months and up.

My First Multi Play Activity Cube

Made from smooth, sustainable wood, this cube has a different activity on each face that will get your toddler thinking. It includes an abacus, a shape sorter and a peg board, and is brightly coloured. Suitable for 18 months and up.

Rattle Ladybird

The primary colours and natural wood of this ladybird rattle will help keep your tot entertained while you head out and about. It has a bell to jingle and a wooden ring to spin, grasp and chew. Suitable from newborn upwards.

Cloth Books

A soft cloth book that folds out to reveal the cute characters in the story. Choose from the tiger or penguin, both with crinkly feet, and colours designed to promote baby’s visual stimulation. Suitable from birth.


Mosaic Puzzle

Choose an owl or fish shape board with 57 coloured wooden mosaic tiles to fit together to create the owl’s plumage or the fish’s scales. They fit together in more than one way so you can create some interesting patterns. For ages 3 plus.

Fishy Fishing Game

Have more fun at bath time with this great fishing game. Use the wooden rod to catch the rubber fish – each one has a curled fin making it easy for little ones to catch. Comes with a storage bag. For ages 2 years plus.

My Train

Get ready to set off on an adventure with this beautiful handcrafted, fair trade wooden train. Sixteen stackable pieces make up an engine and two carriages, for building and role play fun. For ages 3 years plus.

Rock and Rhythm Band

Unleash the rockstar within! A lovely first drum kit with two drums, a cymbal and a wooden noise maker. It has a handy spot to store the drumsticks, too. For ages 3 and up.

Blink Owl Clock

A cute wooden owl clock, with movable hands, and eyes that can be shut when it is bedtime. Helps teach kids how to tell the time, and makes a stylish addition to a child’s bedroom. For ages 12 months and up.

Recycling Truck

This recycling truck is itself recycled – it is made from 100% recycled milk cartons! It has a movable trailer and the doors open and close. It also comes packaged in a recycled cardboard box, which is easy for little ones to open.

Doll Pram

This sturdy wooden pram will have your kids strutting their dolls around in style! It is easy to push and even comes ready assembled. You can buy bedding to fit the pram too.

Older kids

Decorate Your Own Carriage and Horse

Made from recyclable cardboard, this horse and carriage comes in pieces that are easy to assemble – no glue or scissors required. Use the washable markers to decorate your finished model. For ages 3 years plus.

Fairy Garden Magic

Create a wonderful fairy garden, full of the promise of magic with some beautiful pieces from Garden Sparkle. Handpick your favourite from the big range of fairies, fairy houses, miniature accessories, and designer kits.

Enviro Battery

Learn how to make a battery using natural materials, such as a potato, mud or water, and use it to power a watch or activate a musical chip. Comes with detailed instructions to help your little scientist on their way. Suitable for ages 8 and up.


Finska is an addictive outdoor throwing game. Set up the 12 numbered wooden pins and take turns to throw the wooden log at them. You have to get exactly 50 points to win. If you go over 50, you drop back down to 25 points. Suitable for all ages.

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Written by

Kerry White

Kerry is the Senior Writer for Kids on the Coast and Kids in the City. Kerry moved to Australia from England in 2013 with her husband and two daughters. She worked as a sub-editor in London for seven years before she had her girls. She now calls the Sunshine Coast her home and is making the most of its glorious weather and beaches. She enjoys baking, especially when she has a glass of wine in hand, and is a part-time Psychology, Criminology and Justice student. She also shares her home with two cats and her daughters' imaginary dogs.

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