8 Things I’ve Learnt About Raising Boys

24 September 2015

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Growing up with a sister, prior to having my own two boys I hadn’t had much to do with raising boys. I can remember the ‘advice’ I was given when our boys were young (as well as the looks of sympathy I received for having ‘only’ boys in the first place!) from family and friends (along with MANY strangers) that I could expect my life to be turned around as my boys grew up. Naively I laughed it off at the time, but I have quickly discovered that raising boys - especially only boys, is a journey no parenting book can EVER prepare you for. Here are just a few of the things I have learnt over the years.

The noise and chaos NEVER stops.

No one can prepare you for the chaos of raising boys, no amount of time management or pretty calendars can organise your life anymore, you just have to roll with it.

When you have a house full of boys the noise really doesn’t stop and when it does you know that there is something going on. They are unable to do anything quietly and if they can jump/climb/tackle something they will.

ALL bodily functions are hilarious

No matter what it is or where it comes from, chances are your boys will find it hilarious and can happily spend hours talking about it and most disturbingly - trying to recreate it.

You will be eaten out of house and home

Even at the ages of two and three my boys are hungry ALL.OF.THE.TIME and regularly eat more at meal times than me. I’m already saving for our food bills for once they become teenagers.

They don’t stop moving

Sitting still for more than 5 minutes? Impossible. Unless they are playing a video game and then there is still a fair chance you will catch them jumping around and making sweeping gestures with the console - because that helps of course!

Clothes are optional

On more than one occasion our boys have been sprung by unexpected visitors in a state of either partial or complete nudity. Clothes (especially pants) seem to be an optional piece of clothing for young boys and mine regularly take them off and leave them scattered around the yard.

Their obsession with body parts

From a very early age boys become obsessed with their penis, whether it’s touching it, playing with it or what comes out of it, it’s a source of amusement for many of them. Be prepared to find yourself asking them to “put it away” while you are sitting at the dinner table or to “stop playing with it” while they are watching tv or in the bath.

You need a tough stomach

With all of the chaos and never ending activities, it’s inevitable that your son is going to injure himself at some point and a hospital trip (or two) is on the cards. Make sure you have your first aid kit well stocked and push away those squeamish feelings as Mum losing the plot at the sight of blood is just going to make a scary situation all the worse.

They love their Mum

The love a son has for his Mum is soooo incredibly strong and very special. They will hug you with all of their might and will do anything for you.

What have you learnt about raising boys?

Written by

Lauren Matheson

Hailing from Brisbane’s Bayside, Lauren is the creator of the blog Create Bake Make where she shares simple and easy recipes that the kids can help make and the entire family will enjoy. A keen home baker, Lauren is also a mum to two little boys so when she isn't breaking up arguments over toy trucks, you will find here in the kitchen baking up a storm. In her rare quiet moments, you will find her curled up with a book or the latest magazine enjoying a coffee or indulging in her slight online shopping addiction.

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