Best ever playdough and slime recipes

Don’t spend loads of money at the shops – make your own playdough and slime! The kids will have fun making it as well as playing with it and most of these recipes call for simple household ingredients. We have found the best recipes for you here.

Use this simple recipe using ingredients from the kitchen, including food colouring.

Learn how to make glitter playdough – you don’t have to add the Kool-Aid.

A lot of slime calls for Elmers Glue which can be hard to find in Australia. In this video, two Aussie girls show us how to make some awesome slime without it.

If you are looking for a natural slime recipe, try this one. No borax or glue is involved.

Cornflour + conditioner = slime! Watch the recipe here.

And, when you have your homemade playdough or slime, have yourself a dough disco! Check out this video here.