WIN: DIPD Mini Bundle Nail Kit

WIN: DIPD Mini Bundle Nail Kit

  • End Date: 23 May 2020 12:00 am
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  • Value: $79
  • Prize: WIN: DIPD Mini Bundle Nail Kit

Thought motherhood and fab nails don’t go together?

Think again! We have a DIPD mini nail bundle to give away – making it possible for every busy mama to always have gorgeous nails from home!

DIPD nail kits are great for mums because the dip system formula is that of the Signature Nail System (SNS) you get from a nail salon. The dip system allows you to build the layers of colour making your nails durable and colour can last 2-3 weeks without chipping. And because the activator sets the nail colour like enamel, you don’t need to wait for the nail polish to dry! With long-lasting qualities, every mama can have fabulous nails for longer.

The DIPD mini bundle (RRP $79) includes:

  • Primer
  • Top + Base coat
  • Activator
  • DIPD dip powder – Ballerina Pink
  • DIPD dip powder – Nudie
  • Files, buffer and cuticle stick
  • How-To-Guide
  • Bonus Cuticle Pen and Travel Case

dip nail kit ballerina pink

How the DIPD nail kit works:

The kit comes with great instructions making the application easy. First you apply our signature primer to clean nails, then apply the base coat avoiding the cuticles and dip into the powder (colour of your choice) and dust off the excess powder, repeat this process 2-4 times to build the colour. When you are happy with the layers, apply the activator, let settle and start to shape and buff the nail to smooth and refine all over. Then apply another coat of activator and wash hands, the powder will now be set. Apply top coat and dry for a few minutes. Enjoy!

To remove DIPD nails, the DIPD removal kit is recommended, or you can soak off with acetone by using cotton wool and foil to wrap over fingers (instructions are enclosed).

Australian made, affordable, and easy to use, motherhood and fabulous nails really can go together!

Find out more about DIPD nails on Instagram: @dipdnails or on their website.

For your chance to win the DIPD Mini Bundle Nail Kit, simply enter below!

Good luck!


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