Every Dad Should Have His Day

31 August 2015

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Father’s Day is the one day of the year that we stop and celebrate our dads and partners and thank them for all they mean to us.  It sounds a fair exchange – there’s one day for mum in May and one day for dad in September.  But there are other special times of the year when dads are often side-lined or even forgotten altogether and I think this just should not be so! 

When announcing a pregnancy, the focus is usually on the mum-to-be and her ‘bump’. The spotlight is instantly on her health and wellbeing and all the stuff she now needs (or needs to get rid of), what she eats and drinks, what she wears, what she puts on her skin and in her hair. What she can and can’t do is poured over in great detail with much reverence.

Then comes a feminine rite of passage where we can all truly indulge our maternal sides - the baby shower! New baby and new mum or mum-to-be are elevated and celebrated with great fanfare and oestrogen-fuelled ruckus. (I must confess I am a sucker for these myself – I love to shop and give gorgeous gifts! What woman doesn’t?)

I regularly exhibit at pregnancy and baby expos around Australia, everywhere I go the man is more often present and can arrive with the best intentions to delve into the life of paternity, but he is usually relegated to carrying all the bags! Sometimes he is completely ignored by stall holders who are only focusing on the ‘core target’ so it’s no wonder his eye is more on the clock and the coffee cart than the latest stroller.

Of course, then when new bubs arrives and the excitement truly begins - dad is behind the camera, has to phone/text all the family and friends, fill vases and run loads of balloons and gifts to the car. When baby comes home, there may be many bleary eyed weeks when he comes home to bath time or change time and sometimes tears to be mopped up instead of dinner dishes. And although not a solo issue, sleep deprivation usually affects him too.

My husband and business partner Simon was fantastic throughout all three of my pregnancies, the births and beyond. And although he loves my baby skincare range, created after the birth of our first child, he longed for something more ‘masculine’ – made just for him, which is why I created a men’s range.  When blending the natural scent, we chose pure essential oils to refresh and enliven the senses. He says it helps him “wake-up for the day or night ahead” and I think it also makes him smell simply irresistible!

So you can see why I believe we should pamper our dads as well. 

When packing the hospital bag, throw in some great smelling toiletries for him too! He may have to go straight from the hospital to work and baby spew is not the cologne of the choice. Perhaps treat him with some aromatherapy products to help him get through those first few days and nights of this life-changing experience.

My recommendation this Father’s Day, and really all throughout the year, is to pamper your partner (and your pops) because their wellbeing is also key to your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your family. Forget the socks and jocks and give them something they can indulge in daily so they can look and feel like the best dad they can be.

Written by

Michelle Vogrinec

When Michelle is not caring for her three gorgeous boys, Joshua, Jacob and Max, she is Managing Director of GAIA Skin Naturals Australia. Her company’s signature brand, GAIA Natural Baby has become the most widely distributed natural and organic baby skincare range in the Australian market, and is stocked in leading supermarkets, pharmacies, baby stores and health food shops nationally and across the globe. www.gaiaskinnaturals.com  www.facebook.com/gaiaskinnaturals

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