Do You Consider the Animals?

02 November 2015

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Growing up on a property in Emerald, my children have always stopped to help native animals and all sorts of lizards on the side of the road. Recently we shooed away a massive stag deer that had ventured into the path of oncoming cars.   I’m even quite content to cohabitate with a big black spider who currently occupies the corner of my bathroom. It seems second nature to us to live in harmony with all creatures great and small.

Having supported Greenpeace for a long time - it has been hard to know what to say to my son who asked why people hunted and killed whales – as he could just not comprehend that at all. Just the mention of the idea of a caged chicken or a puppy farm will have us all in tears in seconds!

But having said this, it might surprise you to know I am not vegan, and I don’t know if I will ever be brave enough to go the whole way. But I truly admire vegans for their total commitment to the cause and I particularly salute them this month. Many of them are very passionate and are instrumental in making real change for animals all around the world – and that is something to be really proud of!

Whatever journey you are personally on, perhaps starting this month more than ever, you may consider being more mindful of the impact we are having on all others as we go about our daily lives – and this includes our fellow animals of feather, fur or fin.

There are simple steps we can all take to start making a difference. You may not be ready to give up that sausage in bread from Bunnings on the weekends – but you may be able to make a few veggo meals during the week, you don’t have to ditch your Sunday Spanish omelette – just choose free range when shopping.

Switching your make-up and skincare to cruelty-free brands who don’t test on animals is an easy way to make a really impact or sign a petition to stop animal testing in those countries where it still goes on.

Other ideas are choosing your next pet from the pound, donating to a worthy charity like The Australian Orangutan Project, or simply leaving out a dish of water on your front lawn on hot days for thirsty local animals.

No matter how big or small, you’ll be amazed at how good you will feel when you do something positive for an animal.

Now I’m off to give another hug to my dogs!

What ideas do you have on how we can become more mindful? We'd love to hear…

Written by

Michelle Vogrinec

When Michelle is not caring for her three gorgeous boys, Joshua, Jacob and Max, she is Managing Director of GAIA Skin Naturals Australia. Her company’s signature brand, GAIA Natural Baby has become the most widely distributed natural and organic baby skincare range in the Australian market, and is stocked in leading supermarkets, pharmacies, baby stores and health food shops nationally and across the globe.

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