Environmental sustainability at Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure

05 November 2019

Ensuring we care for the planet that our children will inherit is top of mind for all parents today. And this expectation for environmental sustainability now extends to the childcare and schooling that we choose.

One daycare service that has environmental sustainability at the forefront of it's philosophy is Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure, where they actively promote awareness of our environment through sustainable practices with the children. This assists them in developing, understanding and having respect for their environment.

The centre has their very own Green Team, which focuses on implementing sustainable initiatives within the entire Sanctuary family and services through a number of practices.

The Green Team was established on the values that we should be looking after our planet for future generations, this is through reducing our carbon footprint, caring for the environment around us, recycling and reusing, and providing sustainable and ecological education to their team, children and families.

Sanctuary believes that education that is rich in sustainable practices can be derived from engaging in sustainability through an array of experiences with the children, these include: 

  • composting;
  • recycling both soft and hard plastics, cardboards, metals, glass and paper;
  • worm farming;
  • using recycled and repurposed materials within the classrooms;
  • using facewashes rather disposable wipes;
  • reducing energy consumption by having children take responsibility for monitoring lights, water and waste;  
  • gardening and growing their own food; and
  • providing a natural environment for children to play in. 

For details about Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure visit www.sanctuarylearning.com.au or call 1300 00 PLAY

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Sanctuary Early Learning teacher


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