WELLBEING: 5 top meditations for kids

If you have a child who fights sleep or needs some extra help winding down, a guided meditation could be the answer.

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CREATIVE: 12 ideas for backyard fun and games

These sunny winter days are the perfect time to set up some backyard fun. Here are 12 ideas to get your kids moving and having fun (while you relax).

Pregnancy & Babies

BABIES: How to introduce music to your baby

Sharing a musical journey with your baby is not only a special way to interact and bond, it also sets them up for a lifelong love for music.

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PARENTING: Angry boys

Helping our boys shine, parenting expert, Maggie Dent, guides us through the challenges of parenting boys…

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CREATIVE: Craft for the Non-crafty parent

How do you give kids that little slice of self-expression and creative exploration, if you aren’t a crafty parent?

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TECH: The 10 commandments of cyber security

Teaching your kids how to navigate the online world is so important. Here are 10 top tips.

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PARENTING: Creative ways to keep childhood memories alive

While baby books have been around forever, there are now more ways than ever to keep childhood memories alive.

Parent's Talk

PARENTS TALK: Want resilient kids? Say ‘no’ to perfect parenting!

Is ‘perfect’ parenting actually doing your kids any good?


FINANCE: Meal Planning for Families

Meal planning is one of the best ways to save money on groceries. Here is the lowdown on all the benefits and how to get started.


NEWS: Out now! Pick up the July/August 2017 issue

I’ll be honest, when we decided to do a ‘Creative’ issue, I was a little hesitant. I’ve never been a crafty parent. I’d rather sort laundry than trawl through Pinterest and birthday cakes...


DESTINATIONS: Paradise Resort for family fun

There is a reason Paradise Resort is renowned as ‘Heaven for Kids ... Paradise for Parents!’