REVIEW: Little Pip Eats the Colours of the Rainbow

01 April 2017
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A new cookbook tackles the tricky topic of toddler mealtimes – giving parents easy and healthy meal ideas for this traditionally fussy age group.

Introducing food to babies is messy and fun, but the job is far from done once their infant days are behind them. As toddlers’ appetites ramp up, it is crucial to their health that they eat a variety of fruits, vegetables and grains.

In Little Pip Eats the Colours of the Rainbow, Amie Harper acknowledges that it can be hard to get your toddler to try new things. As a recipe developer and a working mum, Amie shows you how to create visually stimulating recipes to make for the whole family.

'Eating the rainbow' in the form of fresh brightly coloured food not only ensures their nutritional needs are being met, it makes introducing new textures and flavours a lot of fun.

Recognising that it can be difficult to find something to cook every night of the week, Amie’s recipes are short and easy to follow for when you have a family on the go. Each recipe feeds a family of four as well as a toddler, so there is no need to be making multiple meals every night.

Recipes designed to appeal to young palettes, but just as appealing to mum and dad, include yummy mini moussakas, piggies in blankets and sweet potato gnocchi.

The book is the follow-up to Baby Pip Eats, and is destined to be a go-to cookbook with its charming collection of recipes for breakfasts, snacks and dinners you and your little one will adore. The stylish gift book style also makes it a perfect gift for parents with toddlers.

Keep an eye out as we’ll be sharing a selection of recipes from the book in the coming month.

Little Pip Eats the Colours of the Rainbow by Amie Harper (Murdoch Books, RRP $24.99).

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